After SriLanka, Nepal takes the attention

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Job Board

Public Policy- IT/Technology, Chase India

Location- New Delhi/Hybrid. To Apply, click here.

Visual Journalism Fellow, IndiaSpend

Location- Remote. To Apply, click here.

Administrative Assistant, Centre for Policy Research

Location- New Delhi. To apply, click here

Writing crisp SOPs and well-structured Resumes

A well-structured and formated resume and SOP are a step towards your way into an organisation/ university you plan to be in.

In our upcoming workshop series, our experts Ritika Gupta and Diksha Awasthi would be taking you through the process and support in cracking the challenges you face.


What role is technology playing in Russia-Ukraine crisis?

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As Nepal enters Financial crisis, what is the action plan?

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What else is happening?

The holy site- Al- Aqsa mosque witnessed the clashes between Palestinians and the Israeli police on 15th April 2022 as thousands gathered for prayers during the holy month of Ramadan. Tensions were already peaked because of the clashes at the site in the year 2021 which led to the 11-day war with Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip and the holy site had been the epicentre of the previous unrest

Following the  IPCC scientific assessment report, published on 4th April, that offered the ‘now or never’ approach. There has been some positive news, in a recent  study published on 13th April 2022 says that the net-zero pledges made by countries last year at COP26 will limit warming to 1.9C if the nations follow their goals and promises of reducing the emissions.