The Idea Behind The PolicyFide

The PolicyFide is a research-based initiative , trying to create engagement over policies and everything that matters. We are a small team of policy enthusiasts, with a desire to create a change by bringing people on- board to share their views and most importantly create a dialogue.

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Here are 4 top reasons to read and share our content:

  1. Intent- The sole reason to start this newsletter is to provide you with facts and events from across the world in short and crisp manner. To keep you up to date and aware over the things that matter.

  2. Aim of the initiative- Our aim is to build a community of aware millennials and Gen-Z. We provide a fair platform to each and every individual to share their ideas and opinions.

  3. Easy to Read- Our content is short, on-the-point and engaging.

  4. Everything and Anything - We talk about everything from climate change to data protection policies and events across the world.

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